Protein Meals

Plan 1

  • High Protein Meals ideally designed for gyming /athletes /weight gainers /fatloss this meal is designed keeping in mind the post workout meals and for individual craving for low carb and high protein and fibre meal preparation. We taken a big step in helping our clientele to change there body structures with this meal.
Diet Meals

Plan 2

  • These meals are designed specially for individuals looking for healthier meal options since the rotis are multigrain and good portion of tossed salad are a part of all meals.These meals are low in carbs (Not energy) and high in fibre to keep you going all day long.
Regular Meal

Plan 3

  • Ideal for office goers looking for a regular food.These meals are designed in such a manner that one doesnt get bored of the menu since we follow a one month cyclic menu. Sweet is served once a week.Accompliments can be added to the meal if desired

Plan 4

  • Is basically make your own meal you, You can design your meal the way you want select a base meal add-on meal it could be one chapati too and than keep selecting the extras you want to choose and make your own meal plan.