Protein Meals

Plan 1

  • High Protein Meals ideally designed for gyming /athletes /weight gainers /fatloss this meal is designed keeping in mind the post workout meals and for individual craving for low carb and high protein and fibre meal preparation. We taken a big step in helping our clientele to change there body structures with this meal.
Gym Goers Meals
Halal non veg tiffin
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Diet Meals

Plan 2

  • These meals are designed specially for individuals looking for healthier meal options since the rotis are multigrain and good portion of tossed salad are a part of all meals.These meals are low in carbs (Not energy) and high in fibre to keep you going all day long.
Weight Loss Meal
Healthy tiffin services
Daily tiffin service
Regular Meal

Plan 3

  • Ideal for office goers looking for a regular food.These meals are designed in such a manner that one doesnt get bored of the menu since we follow a one month cyclic menu. Sweet is served once a week.Accompliments can be added to the meal if desired
Ghar jaisa khana
Monthly tiffin service in mumbai
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