What Makes Us Unique?

BALANCED MEAL- What Makes Us Unique?

What makes us Unique?

Like the name suggests our top priority is to provide you with meals that are nutritionally optimized. All our meals are modified in a way which make them healthy and at the same time taste no less as tough you were eating out of a restaurant. So, home cooked meals tasty and healthy.

We believe in variety. Thus, serve both Indian and Continental cuisine

  1. We serve Ragi, Bajra, Jowari rotis , making sure you get that extra Iron, Calcium and Fibre.

  2. We make use of calculated amounts of oil to prepare all our dishes just to make sure you do not exceed the daily requirement neither you lack it, after all Oil is absolutely needed everyday !

  3. And to add to its nutritional value we use only Rice Bran oil, recommended by mostly all nutritionist.

  4. We make sure there is a daily dose of protein by including either sprouts/soy/paneer to that meal.

  5. There is no wasting of any important nutrients at Balanced meals, so we use vegetable broth for our cooking.

  6. We use colorful veggies in our daily cooking making sure you get all the important Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. eg. Vit A from red veggies like carrots. Lycopene from Tomatoes ..

  7. No body likes thin soups, so instead of thickening it up with starches (like cornflour) we like to use daals/oats which not only improves the taste and palatability but also the nutritional value.

  8. Our plastic containers are food grade recyclable ones and microwavable and outer bags we use are made by Underprivileged women part of our profit is donated to them. Another reason to consider us for your healthy daily bite ?

  9. We believe in variety. Thus, serve both Indian and Continental cuisine.

  10. We can also have customized meals for people with medical history like Diabetes/Cardiac Problems, hypertension, thyroid etc

  11. Our calorie count meals are designed for our weight watcher friends.

  12. You could book an appointment with our Nutritionist to know, what suits you the best.