Once the tiffin service has commenced, Balanced meal will continue to deliver meals to the customer for the duration of the order term, unless stated otherwise. 

All the orders addition/cancellations/modifications are to be reported to the  at: balancedmeal.info@gmail.com.

In case a customer wants to cancel/modify a day's order for lunch he/she has to inform us strictly by 8 am for lunch and 2pm for dinner. Failure to do so will result in the billing of that particular day's meal. 

Legitimate canceled orders would be carried forwarded or amount is credited in the wallet or adjusted accordingly as stated by the customer.

Please do not direct your questions or complaints to the delivery boys. You can reach us at: 9773407494/9768786259/(02226730816-11am to 6pm-mon-sat)\

In case we can not complete the customer's order due to unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to cancel the order. We notify the customer by phone or email in case the order has been canceled. 


Delivery Time –Lunch is served Mon-Saturday so a note while booking your order. Dinner is served Mon-Saturday. Delivery time Lunch :12 to 1:30 Pm Dinner : 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM. Meal not delivered in the this time frame has to be conveyed at 9773407494/9768786259/02226730816 we will either assist you on the delivery or cancel meals due to non delivery of that particular days meal.

Meals will not be delivered on public holidays or dabbawalas not functioning If there is/are more holiday/s in the month apart from the above then they will be informed either via sms or phone call or  by email.

Balanced meal Service would drop the customer's meal at the reception / security gate in case of his unavailability. Balanced meal Service won't be responsible for any subsequent misplacement/theft of the meal


Balanced meal Service will not give any meals on credit. Once the customer's advance payment is exhausted the meal will be stopped after giving prior intimation to the customer. No reasons on the part of the customer would be entertained in this regard.  

Payment Terms – The customer will make 100% payment at the time of placing the order.  

Ideally the cancelled orders amount is kept in the wallet and can be utilized whenever the customer requires however in case of unforeseen condition refund is initiated via the same mode as received within 25 days .And account is deactivated completely.

Refunds  policy is applicable only for more than 20 meals, no deals/offer  will be accounted.