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About Azima Shaikh


Azima Shaikh being a practical woman strongly believes that one needs to understand their own body and food habits to bring about the required changes that last forever.

No crash diets, No starvation, it’s just about eating the right food at the right time .Being a part of various health events that had managed by her single handedly aims to achieve a lot.

The lady who herself is so fit and has a immense/massive knowledge about meal plan how can she go wrong with the one she serve. Azima says your health is now in our hands.

Although you would love to have that fulfilling home cooked meal you enjoyed back when your mother used to cook, it’s difficult to manage anything close to that with your busy schedule.

What most of us end up eating is not really healthy and also unhygienic.

It's very important for us to get our daily nutrition, too less or too much is equally harmful, what your health demands is a well balanced and healthy tiffin service which we serve in our Balanced Meal."Food is a man's complete comforting experience.

Good food not only makes you healthy but also changes your mood and improves your performance in your daily life.

Our Only aim is to see every person living a healthy life.

This is where we at Balanced Meal plays an important role.

A well balanced and healthy meal can now reach in any nook or corner of Mumbai.

Choose whatever you want to eat in your meal and we promise to deliver that tiffin wherever you want.